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Re: Windows and Mac OS versions

From: Max Moritz Sievers
Subject: Re: Windows and Mac OS versions
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 22:49:56 +0000
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Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
> No, at the moment there are no plans for Windows and Mac OS releases,
> personally I think that what we are going to fix is not the worst on
> that systems.

Sure, but it would be a good occasion to emphasise how the FSF is still 
important and make it more visible. Also we can stress the differences to the 
Open Source approach (as performed by Mozilla). Especially Firefox is a big 
hit for those so called power users.

IceWeasel should be bundled with Gnash for those platforms.

> Anyway we will be glad if somebody is interested to port GNU IceWeasel
> under Windows or Mac OS.

Does it have to be ported? I thought you just omit some minor parts. So in my 
naive view (never looked into the source) you would just have to compile the 
sources accordingly. I can't see where the effort should come from. I 
estimate the time and effort for the corresponding campaign much higher.

Max Moritz Sievers

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