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Re: Windows and Mac OS versions

From: Max Moritz Sievers
Subject: Re: Windows and Mac OS versions
Date: Mon, 6 Aug 2007 11:31:28 +0000
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I'm on this list.

Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
> Yes, there is need to compile but it is huge source base, I can't even
> imagine how many problems can be raised in this phase.

I haven't tested it but I guess the original SeaMonkey source will compile 
seamlessly. Applying the patches on a working version should not be too hard 
for a skilled programmer. I guess this project needs first and foremost more 
attention from the whole GNU Project. Gnash is already on the list of High 
Priority Free Software Projects[1] on the FSF website. As Firefox is the most 
prominent (almost) free web browser I think Gnuzilla is at least as important 
as Gnash. Technically I still guess it would be much less effort than 
developing Gnash. The main challenge would be to promote these binary 
Gnuzilla packages -- with IceWeasel integrating Gnash.

Even so we would promote free software on proprietary systems with this 
campaign I regard this as a good thing. Obviously the degree of suffering of 
the users of proprietary operating systems is not high enough to switch to a 
free one. So there is no reason, not to provide easing for them. We could use 
Gnuzilla to propagate our philosophy and even niftily distance ourselves from 
Open Source and in particular from Mozilla's behaviour.

[1] http://www.fsf.org/campaigns/priority.html

> In addition there is need to prepare the final package.  It is not much work
> but personally I consider it a waste of energies considering we didn't
> release anything for GNU/Linux yet.

Of course we (you) need to fork the current SeaMonkey first. The GNU/Linux 
distributions and other free operating systems should do the packaging 
themselves. We have at least one Debian developer on this list. If there are 
Debian packages available it should be easy for other distributions to 
include Gnuzilla. 

Max Moritz Sievers

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