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Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option

From: inconnu
Subject: Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 23:26:00 +0000
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Re IceCat's profile location:  I'm seeing this too.

I find that an empty ~/.gnuzilla directory is created, but also, the directory ~/.mozilla/firefox is created, and IceCat's profiles are created in the ~/.mozilla/firefox directory. I double-checked by deleting ~/.gnuzilla and ~/.gnuzilla/firefox, and it recreated both, but only used the latter.

On 2007-11-30 22:08, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
address@hidden writes:

It won't run with a straight out swap but if the iceweasel script is
renamed to icecat and the run-iceweasel.sh references within are
changed to run-icecat.sh , it seems to run fine . Also,  the line
MOZ_USER_DIR=".mozilla/iceweasel" was changed to
MOZ_USER_DIR=".mozilla/icecat"  but I couldn't determine if that
change was required.
Can you please send me directly your file?

The other difference I ran across is  the new icecat-
version defaults to using profiles in the ~/.mozilla/firefox directory
whereas the previous iceweasel- version had created a new
~/.gnu/iceweasel directory which seems preferable but maybe was done
for compatibility between distros??
Are you sure you have your profiles in ~/.mozilla/firefox?  In the
.mozconfig file we are using to compile it, there is specified:
ac_add_options --with-user-appdir=.gnuzilla.  I have this directory
with profile information, can you check if it is present on your
machine too?

Is the creation and use of the ~/.gnu/icecat profile folder equivalent
something that can be accomplished without recompiling? If not, could
you point me to parameters or  source code sections which affects
this?  Thanks.
As I said you, this value was specified at compile time.  I don't know
if it is possible to choose another one at run time but I don't since
this location contains files used by Firefox/IceCat at startup.



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