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Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: GNU IceCat and use with the alternate profile option
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 19:38:49 +0100
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It seems to be an open bug:


inconnu <address@hidden> writes:

> Re the icecat script, package name and profile directory:
> I did a little more grepping and hacking, then recompiled.  The icecat
> script now shows the correct libs path.  Also, make -C 
> xpinstall/packager now creates icecat-
> But, the profile is still being placed in the wrong spot.
> I'm uploading the latest icecat script, if you want to take a look:
> http://incognu.com/downloads/icecat/icecat
> and renaming the previous one icecat.old
> This is the additional stuff I did:
> Here is what I think made the difference (in addition to the previous
> stuff):
> sed -i 's/MOZ_APP_NAME=firefox/MOZ_APP_NAME=icecat/g'
> I've also been doing the same thing to replace firefox with icecat in
> configure.in:
> This is the whole messy script, which includes quite a bit more.  I
> think I should upload it instead of pasting it in here, since it's
> getting a bit long and I haven't had a chance to clean it up (sorry).
> Maybe it will give some ideas.
> http://incognu.com/downloads/icecat/zhack-b
> On 2007-11-30 22:08, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
>> address@hidden writes:
>>> It won't run with a straight out swap but if the iceweasel script is
>>> renamed to icecat and the run-iceweasel.sh references within are
>>> changed to run-icecat.sh , it seems to run fine . Also,  the line
>>> MOZ_USER_DIR=".mozilla/iceweasel" was changed to
>>> MOZ_USER_DIR=".mozilla/icecat"  but I couldn't determine if that
>>> change was required.
>> Can you please send me directly your file?
>>> The other difference I ran across is  the new icecat-
>>> version defaults to using profiles in the ~/.mozilla/firefox directory
>>> whereas the previous iceweasel- version had created a new
>>> ~/.gnu/iceweasel directory which seems preferable but maybe was done
>>> for compatibility between distros??
>> Are you sure you have your profiles in ~/.mozilla/firefox?  In the
>> .mozconfig file we are using to compile it, there is specified:
>> ac_add_options --with-user-appdir=.gnuzilla.  I have this directory
>> with profile information, can you check if it is present on your
>> machine too?
>>> Is the creation and use of the ~/.gnu/icecat profile folder equivalent
>>> something that can be accomplished without recompiling? If not, could
>>> you point me to parameters or  source code sections which affects
>>> this?  Thanks.
>> As I said you, this value was specified at compile time.  I don't know
>> if it is possible to choose another one at run time but I don't since
>> this location contains files used by Firefox/IceCat at startup.
>> Regards,
>> Giuseppe
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>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org
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> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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