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help with plugins

From: Karl Berry
Subject: help with plugins
Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2008 18:25:32 -0600

Giuseppe and I would like to ask for help regarding free plugins.

We think it would be nice to offer automatic installation at least for
gnash and plugger, for starters.  Right now, icecat only offers manual

What's needed for automatic installation, we gather, is to create .xpi
files for them, which is essentially a zip file with special contents,
including the .so that gets loaded.  Here's one url with a description,
there's lots of other info out there:

Can anyone help?

Of course, if anyone knows of free plugins which already have xpi files,
so much the better.  Please pipe up :).

We'll add more info to the web page about this in due course, but I just
thought I'd post a note first.


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