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Re: What triggers "A script modified the host part ..." warning?

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: What triggers "A script modified the host part ..." warning?
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 08:21:43 +0100
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>From a first look I see that the blogspot page loads some javascript
files, probably some of them modify the links contained in the page.
Look at the advertisement service for example, it modify the page
content.  It is not so easy to understand when the user should be

I see these new privacy features are giving us more annoying popups
than real benefits, probably it is time to drop them.


novakyu <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I think I found a reproducible case. Here's the test page I made:
> http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~novakyu/test.html, and this is the
> behavior that, I think, should be considered a bug:
> When I middle-click (or Ctrl-click) on the link, the warning shows up
> on the tab displaying the static test page, and no warning shows up on
> the tab that actually shows the blogspot blog.
> I am not entirely sure why the warning is triggered at all (the
> destination is the link clicked). Perhaps blogspot does some
> redirecting that would trigger it? But in any case, the warning should
> be on the tab for blogspot, not the static page that linked to the
> blogspot.
> The relevant system details are the same as before (Debian Etch,
> IceCat compiled against libraries available in Debian
> stable; oh, and I forgot before, I use Privoxy for normal browsing,
> although turning it off seems to make no difference for this case).
> Thanks,
> Andrzej
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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