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Re: What triggers "A script modified the host part ..." warning?

From: novakyu
Subject: Re: What triggers "A script modified the host part ..." warning?
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 23:42:41 -0800

On Jan 10, 2008 11:21 PM, Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> wrote:
> I see these new privacy features are giving us more annoying popups
> than real benefits, probably it is time to drop them.

Well, I think it could be a great feature, if implemented "right". Not
being a real programmer myself, I can't say how difficult it would be
(or, given that Icecat has to keep up with Firefox, whether it can be
maintained at all), but I do think the warning popup brings an
important point to the user's attention, especially with privacy
becoming an important issue these days.

Implementability aside, as a user, these are what I think might make
the feature less annoying and more useful:

1) A whitelist of sites on which to ignore this type of redirecting: I
don't care whether Google (and its affiliates) tracks my clicks or not
(it already has whole lot of private information on me; if I were
really worried, I'd start by closing this GMail account), and the same
might apply to a few large websites with clear privacy policy. But I
would care if a random forum, or a retailer does this.

2) More detailed information on the popup (or an option to see it),
such as, how the link was changed (like, target was blogspot.com, but
it was changed to doubleclick.com and then redirected back to
blogspot.com) would make it more useful. I'd know for sure who was
responsible (so I know whom to email and complain, if it looks shady),
and I'd know whom to avoid in the future.

On the whole, I like Icecat a lot, and I think that these features
that distinguish it more substantially from Firefox makes it more
useful (than, say, Iceweasel, Debian's free version without
substantial improvement on Firefox other than the licensing).

Thank you,


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