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Re: IceCat compile error

From: novakyu
Subject: Re: IceCat compile error
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 04:49:36 -0800

On Jan 20, 2008 2:17 AM, arnuld <address@hidden> wrote:
> I can not find out the zip version i am using. This is directly from my
> terminal:
> address@hidden ~]$ zip -v
> usage: zip [-vD] [-1-9] [-f zipfile] file ...

I don't think yours is the version listed on the Archlinux's website.
Archlinux links to Info-ZIP's website, and according to the source
code available there (link:
the relevant file is zip.c), you should see the same message that I
and Giuseppe saw when you run zip by itself or with incorrect

On the other hand, Googling for your "usage" strings takes me to:

I would guess that's an older version of zip ... and apparently it
doesn't support some of the options used in make-jars.pl.

Where is the zip binary located (i.e. what do you get with "which
zip")? If it's in /usr/local/bin or something like that, it might have
been hand-compiled from a different source than Archlinux ... and if
it's in /usr/bin, is there a way to check whether all the packages in
the installation is up-to-date, or at least uninstall and reinstall?



P.S. It's quite peculiar that you couldn't find a manpage. Normally
distributions would write up their own manpage if the upstream didn't
provide one (at least Debian does, usually). This is partly why I'm
wondering if it's something installed from a third-party source, not

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