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Re: Building icecat 3

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: Building icecat 3
Date: Sat, 05 Jul 2008 20:18:22 +0200
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I uploaded a new source tarball some hours ago, are you using it? You can check easily if you have this version by its MD5 checksum:

ad5608497375512f81fbb77eca859c23  icecat-3-g1.tar.bz2

In case you are not, please use this new file.


Nigel Rumens wrote:


After getting various errors I checked the mailing list and then used

Building icecat 3

After getting various errors I checked the mailing list and then used


Still semmed to be missing some things though - It complained about
various .png and .xpm files most of the files it complained about though
seemed to be floating about in other dirs so I just copied them into the
relavent directory.

It then built without a problem so I did make install and that seemed to
work OK. However when I tried to run it  it gave the error

Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting.

It appears that the script run-mozilla.sh was not installed
in /usr/local/lib/icecat-3.0 by the install process.

Copied it from the build dir ./build/unix/run-mozilla.sh
into /usr/local/icecat-3.0 and..... - It works
I have a working icecat 3.0 (Probably with incorrect icons etc in
various place but what the hell)


Built on Fedora 9 - x86_64


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