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Re: Fixed background makes scrolling painfully slow -- gnu icecat sugges

From: Caleb Cushing
Subject: Re: Fixed background makes scrolling painfully slow -- gnu icecat suggestion/request
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 12:03:58 -0400

http://jove.prohosting.com/~l3ert/Fixed/test2.html (all of them http://jove.prohosting.com/~l3ert/Fixed/) it's noticeable on this page although much less than it used to be... if you start scrolling down with your mouse wheel quickly to where it's scrolling down... (on it's own) and then try to go back up... it will take a second before it it does. try the same thing on the bugzilla page and it won't happen.

I'm trying to get the mozilla herd to add an ebuild for icecat in gentoo.

On 7/29/08, Giuseppe Scrivano <address@hidden> wrote:

do you have an example page where I can test this bug?  I wasn't able to reproduce it with pages listed in the bugzilla comments page.


Caleb Cushing wrote:

maybe it's out of place to ask... but perhaps the gnu icecat project could
fix this bug for we linux users as it has been around for way way to long.

I'm not on the list

Caleb Cushing

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