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Re: firefox3 changing default engine IN URL ADDRESS BOX? SOLVED!

From: macintoshzoom
Subject: Re: firefox3 changing default engine IN URL ADDRESS BOX? SOLVED!
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 11:50:38 -0600

Thanks Ali Gunduz, It works!

I replaced default google by my favorite ssl filtered/cleaned google searcher:
For Firefox3, replace about:config > "keyword.URL" value by:

If any of you prefer the scroogle non ssl version (not encrypted ,, aaaag, your boss, isp, gov, everybody eavesdrop on you to profile you for later who knows ...) :

To get these also as an option in your searcher box, upload the proper search engine of your choice and language at:
You must enable temporally mozdev (use noscript) to use javascript to download your chosen search engine on one click, this site is from mozilla foundation, so it's safe.

Add to Search Bar: This addon enables you to add any new search engine to your search box list by just right mouse click on your open page searcher text box:

Context Search : Choose any of your search box engines to search a word from the context menu:

Searchbar Autosizer :

Thanks again Ali Gunduz!
I was spending much time researching this tweak.


Ali Gunduz wrote:
Still, for those wondering, it seems about:config > "keyword.URL" value
does the job.

Ah and hello everyone! My first post :)



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