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IceCat Home Page suggestion

From: Luis Alberto
Subject: IceCat Home Page suggestion
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 20:32:44 -0500

I was thinking if  the IceCat Home page as the Official GNU web explorer was missing some information.

The homepage contains a good source of information and directions to keep the development of IceCat as the package.
But i think that it could be added some of the GNU project information and the Philosophy being IceCat also part of a whole system.

Maybe after origin of the name it could go.

(this is something i came up with)

Origin of the name
The gNewSense BurningDog browser and the Debian IceWeasel browser are similarly derived from Firefox, also with the intent of being free software. Technically, however, these projects are maintained entirely independently of IceCat. (Previously, this GNU browser project was also named IceWeasel, but that proved confusing.)

About GNU and GNU Philosophy
The GNU Project was started more than 25 years ago in order to provide freedom to the users of the system, it has been developed constantly since it was started, along with the Linux kernel. Combined they are the modified version of the GNU Operating System. To learn more see...

The GNU Philosophy is the root and motivation of the guidelines and goals of the whole free software movement, this philosophy aims to a better worldwide community while using and sharing free software. To learn more see..

Just a suggestion but it may be useful for newcomers willing to learn  :)
What do you think?

Luis A. Guzmán García

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