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GNU IceCat - cannot install any Language Pack

From: address@hidden
Subject: GNU IceCat - cannot install any Language Pack
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 16:50:23 +0200
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I recently installed GNU Icecat 3.0.2-g1 [the last release available] on my GNU/Linux Ubuntu 8.04.
I simply downloaded and extracted the tarball, then executed the binary file to start IceCat.

I am very impressed by this browser, and I'd like to set it as my default one. There is just one thing I can't figure out: the language pack.
I tried installing the italian language pack addon from the Mozilla site. I installed the it.xpi file associated with the 3.0.2 version of Firefox [which should be the same of GNU IceCat].

The addon seems perfectly installed and activated, but the menu bar items still continue to remain in english.
I thought it could be a trouble with the Mozilla extensions, so I decided to try another language pack.
I installed the French and either the Afrikaans ones, but they still have the same output of the italian language pack: they result installed and activated, but the menu bar items are still in english.

I was discussiong about this within the ubuntu-it.org forum [in italian], and Guido Iodice invited me to write to you to ask if it should be considered a bug or not, and if there should be a solution to install the language packs.

Many thanks for your time.

- Emanuele Salvi

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