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Link mozplugger to IceCat

From: Luis Alberto
Subject: Link mozplugger to IceCat
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 22:59:54 -0500


I would like to ask you about mozplugger.

I'm not sure how does this work but, i can recall that in previous times, every time i wanted to open a PDF file it showed me the Option to download or Open with Evince, but now days many websites ask you to install the "missing plugins" (Adobe Acrobat), an embedded pdf file,  and there isn't a download option.

So searching on the net, i read about mozplugger, that uses envice, and other programs as plugins, i was wondering if this could work on this case.
I think that it may work, but installing and

$ sudo apt-get install mozplugger

$ sudo gedit /etc/mozpluggerrc
and edit the pdf part to this:

application/pdf:pdf:PDF file
application/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/pdf:pdf:PDF file
text/x-pdf:pdf:PDF file
    repeat noisy swallow(evince) fill: evince "$file"
    repeat noisy swallow(kpdf) fill: kpdf "$file"
    repeat noisy swallow(Xpdf) fill: xpdf -g +9000+9000 "$file"
(what seems to bee the correct config)

Looking at

it only shows gnash as a plugging, no sight of mozplugger(rc) nowhere
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance by the way, i'm still stick with 3.0.1-g1
Amazing work releasing 3.0.3-g1 ;)
Luis A. Guzmán García

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