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Re: CAcert.org's inclusion into IceCat

From: Koh Choon Lin
Subject: Re: CAcert.org's inclusion into IceCat
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 18:22:01 +0800

> I don't think it's that much of a stretch to consider the implications
> if CAcert.org's private key were to get out. It's publicly known that
> CAcert.org has had times in its history where the security of its root
> cannot be verified. They are working to correct these problems by
> moving to a new secure datacenter to house the private key(s) and the
> CA root itself, but until they get to a point where they are 100% sure
> that their root is secure and their private key(s) haven't been
> compromised at any time, CAcert.org should not be added to the CA root
> repository.

Forgive me as I am puzzled, from a user's perspective, I had assumed a
user who don't trust a certificate would be able to delete it from the
browser's collection?

In Liberty
Koh Choon Lin

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