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Re: IceCat stability vs Firefox Linux/Windows

From: Graziano Sorbaioli
Subject: Re: IceCat stability vs Firefox Linux/Windows
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 20:12:37 +0100
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Dmitri Gabinski wrote:

> I'm not sure that we understand ‘friendly’ the same way. openSUSE was
> the first distro that did not have any problem with my desktop hardware
> and was the first distro where I easily could set up an Internet
> connection. This is what I deem friendly.

The main reason to use GNU IceCat instead of Firefox is that you care
about your freedom. This is the main advantage it has over FF.

So if you agree with the FSF philosophy as you say, you should use a
fully freedom respectful distribution to be coherent, just as you use
GNU IceCat as your browser (and we are really happy you choose to do so).

OpenSuse is not friendly to its users in term of freedom.
The main goal of the free software movement, the GNU project and the
Gnuzilla project is to bring freedom to its users.
We value freedom more than technical advantages, that is the philosophy
of the free software movement.

Novell denies all its users the freedom they should have, including
proprietary software and driver into its OpenSuse distribution so they
are not being friendly to you at all.

> With the connection speed and sky-high prices for Internet access here,
> downloading an ISO image would take ages and cost more than buying a
> Vista Home license. 

You can always ask the FSF to send you a gNewSense cdrom: www.fsf.org so
you will pay only for the shipment.

> Moreover, I'd need to replace something of my
> hardware. That's not what I'd call free (well, as beer).

Fighting for freedom means doing some sacrifice.
Do you really use that paricular piece of hardware? Is it vital to your

I can suggest you to buy a cheap Asus EEE Pc 701 or 900 model.
They are all free except for the bios.

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