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Re: Questions about version 3.1 and Russian localization

From: Koh Choon Lin
Subject: Re: Questions about version 3.1 and Russian localization
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 18:07:47 +0800

>> Are the nightly builds from Mozilla free software?

> AFAIK no but I'm not sure.
> Regarding Firefox, only the sources are free software, the precompiled
> program is not.
> Another problem of Mozilla Firefox is that it suggests the installation
> of non free software via plugins (e.g. Adobe Flash and so on).
> Another one is that the name and logo are not released under a free license.

About the nightly builds from Mozilla, the name (Minefield) and logo
(Generic Globe) are under a free license.

I know it suggests non-free plugins like Adobe Flash, but that does
not make it non-free. So is it a piece of free software, given the
name and artwork are both free?

In Liberty
Koh Choon Lin

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