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Re: IceCat how to run from Konqueror

From: Eus
Subject: Re: IceCat how to run from Konqueror
Date: Sun, 7 Dec 2008 02:25:09 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ho!

--- On Fri, 12/5/08, Dmitri Gabinski <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi!
> I know, it's a question of a newbie idiot, but still
> can't figure out. Well, to run GNU IceCat, I have to
> launch run-icecat.sh. I can do it by double-clicking or
> hitting Enter in Krusader or muCommander, but
> double-clicking in Konqueror results in nothing. I also
> can't make a desktop shortcut for run-icecat.sh. I mean,
> I create it by dragging and dropping to the desktop, but
> double-clicking on it results in nothing, just like on the
> very script. I've set permissions for run-icecat.sh as
> rwx for everyone, but no result.

When the desktop icon is created, you can right click on it and select 
`Properties'. There you can set whether this program should be run in terminal 
and whether DCOP should wait for it as well as other settings.

I think if you disable DCOP and run it on terminal, it should work.
If it does, you can try to not running it on terminal.

If I am not mistaken, turning DCOP off should make it work.

> Can anyone point me to a good howto/FAQ?
> Best regards,
> Dmitri Gabinski
> P.S. I use openSUSE 10.3/KDE 3.5.7, locale=ru_RU.UTF8

Best regards,
Eus (FSF member #4445)

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