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Re: 3.0.4-g1 gnash envvar error

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: 3.0.4-g1 gnash envvar error
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 16:37:38 -0600

    Good, at least first step is done :)  Can you please check if
    all libraries pointed by libraries/gnash are present?

Pointed to?  Sorry, I don't know what you mean.

What I have in
~/.gnuzilla/icecat/*.default/extensions/address@hidden is the
same list I sent before (that ended up in the first try under
/usr/local/gnu/icecat-3.*), namely:

> ./address@hidden/libraries:
> dumpshm*              libgnashmedia-cvs.so*   libgnashserver.so*
> gnash*                libgnashmedia.la*       libltdl.la*
> gprocessor*           libgnashmedia.so*       libltdl.so*
> libgnashamf-cvs.so*   libgnashnet.la*         libltdl.so.3*
> libgnashamf.la*       libgnashnet.so*         libltdl.so.3.1.4*
> libgnashamf.so*       libgnashnet.so.0*       sdl-gnash*
> libgnashbase-cvs.so*  libgnashnet.so.0.0.0*   soldumper*
> libgnashbase.la*      libgnashserver-cvs.so*
> libgnashbase.so*      libgnashserver.la*

Is there a way to tell whether gnash is "installed" as far as icecat
goes (whatever that means :)?

about:plugins only returns libnullplugin.so, but I have the feeling that
is not definitive.

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