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Re: Translating IceCat

From: alexus.fs
Subject: Re: Translating IceCat
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 22:11:02 +0100

Il giorno sab, 14/03/2009 alle 14.20 +0200, kristian kankainen ha
> Hello
> I can't find any information about translating IceCat, should i comply
> to firefox's guidelines?
> Could someone tell me where a .po file or alike is?

you should start finding in the internet the firefox langpack file for
the language you want to translate 
(i.e. https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/addon/4194 for estonian or
 for italian...)

in the 'chrome' folder of the .xpi langpack file you will find the .jar
translation file

if this file is packed, to edit it may be necessary a Java Development
Kit... you should install openjdk-6-jdk:
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

now to modify the .jar file:
a) unpack it using the 'jar' command (it will give you a folder with a
lot of files and sub-folders)
b) edit it using a text editor (such gedit or scite)
c) repack the folder into a single .jar file using the command jar.

- the  jar format:
- the jar command:

an example (suppose working with 'myfile.jar' in the '~/tmpjar' folder):
$ cd ~/tmpjar
$ jar xf myfile.jar (unpack)
... editing ...
$ jar uf miofile.jar /sourcejar (repack... sourcejar is the folder where
you get the extracted/edited file)

a) the firefox .xpi langpack needs to be re-branded to make it a
icecat .xpi langpack... the files to modifiy are in
the /locale/branding/ folder of the unpacked jar file
b) you should find-in-files (using grep should work) the terms 'Firefox'
and 'Mozilla' in the other files and folders and replace them with 'GNU
IceCat' and 'GNUzilla' (i think you should not modify theese terms when
used in credits or license files or copyright information)

hope it will help

PS: if you have a langpack for IceCat not listed here:
please contact the manteinet of this page and send him the link (or,
only if the link is not available, the langpack file). thanks.

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