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How-To: Disabling the Location-Aware Browsing with GNU IceCat 3.5...

From: al3xu5 / dotcommon
Subject: How-To: Disabling the Location-Aware Browsing with GNU IceCat 3.5...
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 03:58:15 +0200

I think location-aware browsing might be a serious risk for privacy.

When you visit a location-aware website, the browser (since version
3.5) will ask you where you are in order to bring you more relevant
information, or to save you time while searching. If you consent,
Google Location Services is used to determine your location by sending:
    * your computer's IP address,
    * information about the nearby wireless access points, and
    * a random client identifier (a cookie), which is assigned by
      Google, that expires every 2 weeks. 
Accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some
circumstances the service may be able to provide a location to within a
few meters. Your resulting location data will be finally sent to the
location-aware website.
See http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/geolocation/ for details. 

So. if you are concerned with privacy issues and prefer to enhance your
privacy disabling this feature, completely and permanently, see
the small howto available under the 'Disabling the Location-Aware
Browsing' section here:


al3xu5 / dotcommon

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