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Re: gNewSense IceCat package shouldn't depend on gnash

From: Tomek Chrzczonowicz
Subject: Re: gNewSense IceCat package shouldn't depend on gnash
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 01:43:37 +0200

Dnia 2009-07-21, wto o godzinie 18:10 +0200, Nicolas Hussein pisze:
> For point 2 : I use swfdec and I have no problem. The dependecy is Gnash
> OR Swfdec.

Right, my mistake.

One more thing. If someone wants to build Gnash from source (because
IIRC packages for latest version are not available), then that person
either has to create dummy equivs package to satisfy the dependencies or
learn how to build proper Debian packages (either for Gnash plugin or
modified IceCat that wouldn't require Gnash to install).

That's basically discouraging users from using Gnash, IceCat and

If you really want people to use Gnash instead of Adobe Flash, then
please consider building the latest stable Gnash for gNewSense and let
people choose whether they want to use any Flash plugin at all.

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