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Re: How to run multiple icecat without separate profiles?

From: Peng Yu
Subject: Re: How to run multiple icecat without separate profiles?
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2009 16:24:06 -0500

On Fri, Sep 18, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Leo <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Friday 18 September 2009 12:14:56 Peng Yu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have multiple identical linux machines that share the same home
>> directory. It turns out that I can not simultaneously run icecat on
>> any two or more machines unless I have separate profiles for each
>> machine.
>> This is really not convenient. I am wondering if there is a way such
>> that icecat on different machines can share the same profile and
>> synchronize the profiles automatically between different machines.
>> Regards,
>> Peng
>> --
>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org
> Maybe something like this:
> -no-remote (Open new instance, not a new window in running instance.)
> I'm not sure if it does everything you want (ie, profile syncing), but you can
> try.

It is not working. It pop up a dialog, which says "IceCat is already
running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first
close the existing IceCat process, or restart your system."


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