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Re: XPIs langpacks hosting for GNU IceCat

From: Giuseppe Scrivano
Subject: Re: XPIs langpacks hosting for GNU IceCat
Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 19:34:35 +0100
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Thanks for the report.

This happened because no compression was used for the .zip file.  Add
"compression=zipfile.ZIP_DEFLATED" to "zipfile.ZipFile" does the work.

This is what I get now:

127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.af.langpack.xpi
140k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ar.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.as.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.be.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.bg.langpack.xpi
152k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.bn-BD.langpack.xpi
168k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.bn-IN.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ca.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.cs.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.cy.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.da.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.de.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.el.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.en-GB.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.eo.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.es-AR.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.es-CL.langpack.xpi
115k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.es-ES.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.es-MX.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.et.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.eu.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.fa.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.fi.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.fr.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.fy-NL.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ga-IE.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.gl.langpack.xpi
156k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.gu-IN.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.he.langpack.xpi
152k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.hi-IN.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.hr.langpack.xpi
140k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.hu.langpack.xpi
111k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.id.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.is.langpack.xpi
115k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.it.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ja.langpack.xpi
164k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ka.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.kk.langpack.xpi
160k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.kn.langpack.xpi
123k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ko.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ku.langpack.xpi
148k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.lt.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.lv.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.mk.langpack.xpi
160k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ml.langpack.xpi
140k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.mn.langpack.xpi
148k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.mr.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.nb-NO.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.nl.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.nn-NO.langpack.xpi
115k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.oc.langpack.xpi
152k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.or.langpack.xpi
152k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.pa-IN.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.pl.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.pt-BR.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.pt-PT.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.rm.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ro.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ru.langpack.xpi
152k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.si.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.sk.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.sl.langpack.xpi
127k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.sq.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.sr.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.sv-SE.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ta.langpack.xpi
156k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.ta-LK.langpack.xpi
156k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.te.langpack.xpi
144k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.th.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.tr.langpack.xpi
148k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.uk.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.vi.langpack.xpi
132k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.zh-CN.langpack.xpi
136k    GNU_IceCat-3.5.4.zh-TW.langpack.xpi


alexus / dotcommon <address@hidden> writes:

> On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 17:19:48 +0000, alexus / dotcommon
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi
>> The IT xpi file for GNU IceCat 3.5.4. that I manually made is 159KB.
>> The FR one sent by Nicolas Hussein is 177KB.
>> The IT and FR ones listed in:
>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org/download/langpacks/3.5.4/
>> are a lot bigger: 444KB and 503KB respectly.
>> But all the xpi listed there seems to be very (too?) large files... 
>> and GNU IceCat might become very 'fat' using them...
>> What about it?
>> Maybe there is something 'strange' (optimizable) in the script?
> --- addendum ---
> The xpi size seems (to me) to be related with the way used to compress the
> jar files...
> The script seems to use a zip compression (I do not know which level of
> compression).
> I used the Java OpenJDK jar command (zip/bzip - again I do not know which
> level of compression) to unpack/pack the jar file.
> Regards
> al3xu5 / dotcommon
> -- 
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