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Re: icecat 3.6

From: Eric Padman
Subject: Re: icecat 3.6
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 18:42:34 +1300

On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 22:20 +0100, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:
> I have uploaded a pre-release version of IceCat 3.6, if there will not
> be major problems, at the beginning of next week I'll make an official
> release.  Please report on this mailing list any problem you may
> encounter.


A few problems while testing:

When clicking on a link that is intended to open in a new window, it
opens a blank tab in the current window and opens the requested page in
a new window even though "Open new windows in a new tab" is enabled in

The bookmarking star in the address bar doesn't activate when a bookmark
is made and the bookmark's options can't be edited by clicking on the
star. Switching to a another tab and back resolves this.

When clicking on the "Edit Options" button on the yellow information bar
to allow popups the text "Don't show this message when pop-ups are
blocked" doesn't appear although the checkbox to the left of the absent
text does.

Extensions can't be installed by clicking a link to an xpi. The link has
to be dragged to the address bar.

When updating an extension in the Add-ons window, the "Show Information"
frame has two sets of nested scrollbars, as if there is a frame inside a

Eric Padman

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