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Re: Greyed out history and abnormal mouse menu

From: Picilli
Subject: Re: Greyed out history and abnormal mouse menu
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 2010 00:41:02 -0800
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And yes, this is about Icecat 3.6. Sorry I forgot to write it in a
first message.

Picilli wrote:
> Please, someone point to a web page which explains how to fix greyed
> out "recently closed tabs" and "recently closed windows", or tell
> how to fix this if you happen to know how.
> There were several tabs and windows open and closed, yet none is
> showed under History in menu bar. Here is a screenshot:
> http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/184/greyhistory.jpg
> I deleted my ~/.gnuzilla folder trying to diagnoze or fix it, a
> clean start-up without old preferences, without even old bookmarks,
> but it didn't help. I didn't mess with config.
> There are no add-ons. I have no ~/.mozilla folder. I do not browse
> web in private mode, and I have checked options to remember all
> history (under preferences, Use custom history settings).
> Also, a mouse menu looks truly abnormal when for example use a right
> mouse button to view an image or its properties.
> When choosing "View image" from the mouse menu, the image is not
> displayed; it just doesn't work.
> Here is a screenshot of the crazy mouse menu over the Icecat image
> in gnuzilla web page:
> http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/9018/mousemenu.jpg
> Besides the menu being abnormal with tons of unrelated options, note
> at the bottom of the menu there seems to be a missing field, between
> "Check Spelling" and "Select all"
> There are no such problems in a Firefox, and there weere no such
> problems in Icecat 3.5.7 or any previous icecat version.
> Thank you.

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