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Clarification on SAS-related guidelines needed

From: Дмитрий Габинский
Subject: Clarification on SAS-related guidelines needed
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2011 09:29:40 +0200


Recently, Eduard Tihenko’s proposal of adding gTranslate to the free
add-on list was rejected on the grounds of its being a front-end to

Quite a time ago, Furigana Injector proposed by me was excluded from
the list on the same grounds.

Yet, the list includes Define (‘This extension searches the definition
of the highlighted text in Google.’).

To me, the three add-ons are the same:

a) gTranslate lets you select some text, right-click, send to Google
Translate and see the respective translation;
b) Furigana Injector lets you select some text, right-click, send it
to some server and see the respective reading;
c) Define lets you select some word, right-click, send it to Google
and see the respective meaning (inter alia, Dictsinfo, also in the
list, seems to have a similar functionality).

I guess, there is some subtle difference escaping my mind. Could you,
please, clarify (preferably, expanding the guidelines on the add-on
page), why gTranslate and Furigana Injector are ‘bad’, but Define and
Dictsinfo are ‘good’?

Best regards,

Dmitri Gabinski

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