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This add-on will be installed...

From: ishi
Subject: This add-on will be installed...
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 19:29:31 +0100

Hello fellow freedom fighters,

I'm trying to install an add-on to GNU IceCat but having a little 
problem. I've installed dozens of add-ons from your list before and 
have been using IceCat with the add-ons without problems for months 
until just recently. I tried to install the add-on called "Flash 
Video Downloader" which is found in your list of IceCat add-ons at 
gnu.org however after the add-on installs it doesn't seem to be 
available anywhere in IceCat. When I go to Tools-Add-ons I see a 
list of all my add-ons perfectly installed except this one. Well, 
this one shows up but with the message, "This add-on will be 
installed when GNU IceCat it restarted". I also have the option to 
"Restart GNU IceCat to complete your changes." which I've tried 
doing multiple times to no avail, including restarting my computer, 
and killing IceCat from the terminal. Otherwise I have an option 
button to "Cancel" the install of the "Flash Video Downloader" add-
on altogether.  Like I mentioned before, this action didn't work, 
nor were the Ubuntu or Mozilla forums of any help.

Secondly, every time I launch IceCat it asks me to install the 
GNUzilla privacy extension add-on which I have also tried to add to 
no avail, I click "Install" and it never works and it continues to 
prompt me with the same window at each IceCat launch. Must be a 
bug. I'd like to get rid of this add-on altogether but I don't know 

Thanks a lot for you help with these two bugs. Sorry for the 
n00bness, just another freedom-lover trying to expunge M$ from my 

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