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Re: 4rc1 menu bug

From: Christopher Svanefalk
Subject: Re: 4rc1 menu bug
Date: Sun, 27 Mar 2011 21:25:29 +0200
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I can confirm this bug - in particular I was having problems accessing
the Bookmarks menu at times (both mouse and keyboard), however I could
sometimes resolve it by flipping tabs, it was not always necessary to
restart the program.

On 03/27/2011 01:21 PM, Kete wrote:
> A few times, the menu faded out and was no longer available from the keyboard 
> or mouse until I closed Icecat and started it back up, but when I opened a 
> new 
> tab, the new Firefox 4 menu was still available with the mouse. I don't know 
> a 
> keyboard shortcut for it. I can't recall doing anything in particular to make 
> the menu inaccessible—just time elapsing.
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