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Global Menu / Appmenu support

From: Ryan Lessl
Subject: Global Menu / Appmenu support
Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 17:28:42 -0400

Hello.  Thanks for the great app!  I was just wondering if a clone of
the "Global Menu Bar Integration 1.0.3" Firefox extension could be
made for Icecat.  Its Ubuntu package name is firefox-globalmenu.  Its
webpage is http://launchpad.net/globalmenu-extension.  Thanks to this
extension Firefox 4 now finally works with the appmenu indicator panel
applet for Gnome, and Icecat along with root apps are the only things
that still don't work with it.

There are two global menu applets for Gnome.  The original is
https://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/.  Then Ubuntu took it
upon themselves to create their own (indicator-applet-appmenu,
indicator-appmenu, appmenu-gtk).  Most other apps work with either the
globalmenu applet or the appmenu applet.  I hope Icecat can work too!

P.S. Sorry I would do it myself but I'm a non-programming layperson.

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