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rephrase information on GNU IceCat?

From: Marco Chieppa
Subject: rephrase information on GNU IceCat?
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2011 14:19:24 +0200

hi, don't sure is a real issue, but just for safety:

In IceCat 5 -> 'Help' tab -> 'Information on GNU IceCat'
there's the sentence:

  GNU IceCat รจ progettato da Mozilla [..]

(i've IceCat localized in italian, english sentence should be:)

  GNU IceCat is projected by Mozilla [...]

which can suggest IceCat is a Mozilla project; could be better to change
this to something like:

  GNU IceCat is based on a project by Mozilla

btw, is probably required by the trademarks rules described here
An extract from 'Modification': 
        [...] Also, it would be inappropriate for you to say "based on
        Mozilla Firefox". Instead, in the interest of complete accuracy,
        you could describe your executables as "based on Mozilla
        technology", or "incorporating Mozilla source code." In
        addition, you may want to read the discussion on the "Powered by
        Mozilla" logo.


me -> http://crap0101.gnu-darwin.org/

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