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[Bug-gnuzilla] session restore stopped working in IceCat 7

From: Wayne
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] session restore stopped working in IceCat 7
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 19:39:15 -0400

ahoy all,

    first, thanks for the work and great FLOSS alternative that is IceCat.  i have been using it since it was available for Gentoo and am very happy with it.

    recently, when i upgraded to 7.0, session restore on startup stopped working.  i am currently running 7.0.1 on Gentoo x86_64 and have built IceCat from scratch.  regardless whether i use IceCat with my current profile, a new profile, or even as a new user, session restore is not working when the browser is started.  the session does seems to be saved, as i can type in "about:sessionrestore" and manually restore the last session.  finally, i have the preference selected (as always) to restore the previous session on startup.

    FYI: i installed Firefox 7.0.1 on the same machine just to test, and the startup session restore is working.

    i would appreciate any ideas for declaring this a possible bug.

peace, w


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