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[Bug-gnuzilla] various "add-on" problems

From: wellsee
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] various "add-on" problems
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2012 10:01:37 -0700
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I've just installed IceCat 7.0.1 (onto Debian 6.0.4, from the Ubuntu 10.04
PPA (seemed best match)), but much of the point seems to be missing...

The GNU GnuZilla privacy extension 1.1 is apparently incompatible, as is
the MAFIAAFire Redirector 0.7b. (These are the included plugins which
provide much of the functional advantage over Firefox.)

HTTPS-Everywhere is also an older version, and doesn't automatically
update itself to the newer 2.0.1. Same with Priv3, which is 0.1 instead of

Also wanted to mention that Torbutton is listed on your add-ons page, but
it's not recommended. (A false sense of security is worse than none.)
Quoting from its own page: "Users should be using Tor Browser Bundle, not
installing Torbutton themselves."

This all seems like fairly important stuff to me... thanks for your work.


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