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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Very Slow with some JS

From: Emmanuel Revah
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Very Slow with some JS
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 12:54:55 +0200
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On 2012/05/18 01:54, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
On 17-05-2012 19:31, Emmanuel Revah wrote:
On 2012/05/17 20:05, Emmanuel Revah wrote:

I am not sure how Flash got involved in this issue, but I have
disabled the Flash plugin (I don't actually even need it), I will
re-test later. It seems a bit better, but I will have to close and
re-open Icecat and do what I can predict will "break" it to see.

I've tested a couple of times, doing some predictable thing that seems to block Icecat. When Flash plugin is disabled it seems all is fine. In my case I don't need Flash so this seems to fix the issue.

If anyone is interested, the version of Flash is: 11.1r102

Thanks. : ]

Good, Emmanuel.

If you do not need flash, better keeping it disabled, of course. And
gnash is a reasonable replacement for the not-free-source one.

I have suggested to disable dom.ipc.plugins.enabled (switch "true" to
"false" in about:config), because the "symptoms" you have described
are similar to a problem I and others had with version 6.x (or 5.x,
can't remember) and later, and was caused by *ash plugin.

If you do not mind, just for the sake of others who want to use the
*ash plugin, please, could you check that enabling the plugin and
switching dom.ipc.plugins.enabled to false also solves the problem and
report to the list the result? I am waiting for IceCat-12.0 to do it
myself, too.

I can no longer reproduce the errors I had yesterday. Weird.

I re-activated Flash first, just to get back the slowness so I could then test with dom.ipc.plugins.enabled:false. Then uninstalled no-script, because disabling no-script isn't enough to actually disable it... . .

I am giving up on doing any real testing because I can no longer re-produce the issues I had previously. I can report though that last night I re-compiled Icecat and added in .mozconfig:



The thing is these were the first options I tried, before resorting to re-compiling with default options. I am now a bit confused and tired, I must admit. Even finding a document that explains what the options are actually about is impossible (or each option might be described on a different website).

I wish there were a page the explains the options and eventual possible values.. (besides going through the source code as someone has suggested).

I am just going to use it as is, if it become unusable I will retry some of the other options and report back anything pertinent. I am sorry to not be of more use right now.

Emmanuel Revah

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