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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Free Software Add-on for IceCat

From: Loic J. Duros
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Free Software Add-on for IceCat
Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2012 14:28:20 -0400
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Aaron Seilis <address@hidden> writes:

> I believe that the "FireGloves" extension qualifies as Free Software as
> it is released under the Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 (specified
> on the download page). This add-on is available from the following URL:

Hi Aaron,

Thank you for letting us know about this addon. We are in the process of
re-designing the entire IceCat addon section and will add this extension
to it after a brief check on its files.

Thanks again!

Loic Duros

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