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[Bug-gnuzilla] To do lists LibreJS and IceCat

From: Loic J. Duros
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] To do lists LibreJS and IceCat
Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 21:01:01 -0500
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Here is a todo list with all the changes requested for LibreJS and
IceCat, many of them are underway. Please note that while LibreJS is a
different GNU project because we'd like to develop it on other browsers,
it is also an integral part of IceCat and should be treated as
such. Working on LibreJS is working on IceCat. :) Of course not all of
these items are needed to make a release of IceCat. Once I've done the
few fixes with the Permafrost extension (that blocks third-party
trackers), we'll be good for a release, anything else would definitely
be a great plus!

Development on LibreJS:

1) Improving the complaint panel to send emails/messages directly from
the interface. This requires to interact with various email clients or
to use mailto.

2) Rewrite the parser/JS-analysis logic of the extension to map out how
scripts on a page relate to each other using global variables (requires
to keep track of global variables)

3) Allowing JavaScript by clusters of related scripts rather than
removing all scripts on a page if the inline JS is found

4) Fix various character encoding issues (messages in LibreJS mailing

5) Fix exceptions that block certain pages from loading.

6) Rewrite the part that handles finding/parsing JS Web Labels entries
on a website and allow GNUnet URIs and links to complete license
text. Recognize free licenses and accept scripts listed along with them.

7) Add details to Complain panel on how to "free" the JavaScript on the
current site. This would provide much needed guidance to webmasters or
to email them suggestions.

8) Provide patches to websites/projects to help them set their
JavaScript free without the effort/headache to figure it out (Note:
There's a handy Drupal module for LibreJS available! Developing similar
solutions for other CMSes/MVC frameworks would be useful.)

Development on IceCat:

1) Check extensions for freedom (license notice, ...) and add them to
the FSF Free Software directory. We want to use the directory as the
addon page list in the future.

2) Write an in-house extension that makes blogspot readable without running
the JavaScript on the page (fetch the remote data JS-only content
using extension.)

3) Write an extension/reuse an extension to play YouTube videos and
videos on other sites without requiring the use of nonfree plugins
and/or nonfree JavaScript.

4) Find the most common user agents and develop/modify an extension
allowing users to choose different user agents.

5) Prevent JS variables from providing location and device
information to websites (device type, size, time zone, ...)

6) Prevent tracking of the mouse (clicks, mouseovers and movements.)
by third party (this issue is partly mitigated with the new Permafrost
extension which block third party trackers, ads, ...)

7) Prevent scripts that maliciously attempt to prevent users from
selecting and copying text or right-clicking and saving an
image. (think Amazon preview, certain sites that show images, ...)

8) Luke Shumaker had made a list of bugs in IceCat. IIRC, these
changes still need to be made to our codebase.

I can give much detail (emails, ...) on each of them to Zach and whoever
is interested! Anything you'd like to tackle in particular? Please write
me off list to discuss further as this is not a development list and we
don't want to get into opinions and discussions as much as getting them



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