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[Bug-gnuzilla] IceCat 24 translations

From: Narcis Garcia
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] IceCat 24 translations
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2013 11:53:18 +0100

Some time ago I made a script to automatically rebuild ALL translations
from M.Firefox versions, but in the download directory I only see few of

If there has been some issue with the script or IceCat 24, please report
me through this list. I attach the updated converter.

El 03/12/13 19:06, Perseo ha escrit:
> How about, I recently started using to IceCat as an alternative to
> Firefox, I'm currently using version 24, but unfortunately there is no
> corresponding language pack to Spanish (or at least I have not found). 
> I try to use the corresponding to Firefox but I guess that does not
> support IceCat as it does not apply the change the browser. On the other
> hand, changing preferences content section preferentially display web
> content in my language (Spanish) the browser does not accept this
> modification correctly, I do not know if this is an issue (bug) or not.
> I fully understand that it is an arduous task that are performing, so if
> you find it impossible to provide language packs for the application,
> please let me please provide steps to do it by myself and thus
> contribute modestly to the project.
> Thanking you paid attention, I say goodbye and I commend you for your
> excellent work, go ahead!
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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