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[Bug-gnuzilla] Segmentation fault upon start-up

From: Dimitris Arvanitis
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] Segmentation fault upon start-up
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 00:06:39 +0200


I am unable to start GNU IceCat (--version shows Mozilla icecat 24.0). I
use Debian GNU/Linux 7.6. This is what I do:

Download the IceCat 24.0 source and extract it. Download the IceCat 24.0
64 bit source (since I use a 64 bit system) and extract it to the same
directory, overwriting existing files. After solving some software
dependencies configure it by ./configure -prefix=/usr. Then compiling it
by make -j 2. Afterwards chmod +x ./build/unix/run-icecat.sh. No
problems so far. Then sudo checkinstall. Also no problems with the

But when trying to start IceCat it won't. When I type icecat into a
terminal it says Segmentation fault after some seconds. I tried strace
icecat and it showed many errors saying something like
"[icecat-directory]/chrome/toolkit/[some files/directories] does not
exist". Indeed, only a file chrome.manifest is existent in the chrome
directory, but no other files or directories.

Could this be the error? Why are the directories and files missing? At
which point of the process are they generated? Is there a way to fix it?
Please note I am quite new to GNU/Linux and thus to bug reporting. If
you need any more details please tell me.

Best regards,

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