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[Bug-gnuzilla] Install IceCat as deb package

From: Dimitris Arvanitis
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] Install IceCat as deb package
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 00:02:15 +0100


I want to run IceCat on my GNU/Linux Debian 7.7 (Wheezy). I am following
README.IceCat. Compiling goes fine so far, but then I am stucking at the
following part of installation:

<<<Or if you want to package the results, you can run

 cd objdir/browser/installer

This generates a binary tarball at objdir/dist>>>

I find many files and directories in objdir/dist. Sorry for the silly
question, but what exactly am I expected to do at this step if I want to
install and include IceCat via and to the Debian packaging system (apt)?

Best regards,

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