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[Bug-gnuzilla] Secular GNU Browser from scratch (not "Web"):

From: brn
Subject: [Bug-gnuzilla] Secular GNU Browser from scratch (not "Web"):
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 07:38:18 +0800
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Firefox is becoming quite a task to master when it comes to plugging all of the privacy related "leaks".

Each time they do an upgrade, there is another privacy hole to hunt down and close. Mozilla seems to love sharing our data with third parties whom I'm not sure I can trust.

To make it harder, Mozilla do not provide one clear location where a user can read documentation on how to close the privacy holes - one has to search Mozilla's sites for the scattered documentation. Quite frankly, I find this rather frustrating, given the unnecessary waste of time that it requires ... how many metaphoric keyboards have I thrown around the room?!

Would GNU consider building a web browser (other than "Web") from scratch, GPL 3'd (if possible), secular in terms of NOT requiring dependencies on Gnome so that it can run on most desktop environments.

I'm thinking in terms of a better competitor to Xombrero - perhaps add Emacs (& Vim perhaps) key bindings as an option too. Add to this mix, the should be mandatory clear documentation for "not so techie" users.

Perhaps I'm asking too much, especially when I'm not in a position to contribute at this stage :-(, but I thought I'd "put it out there".

Kind regards,
Bjoern Nyjorden.

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