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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Icecat - how to move passwords from Firefox

From: Stuart T Rogers
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Icecat - how to move passwords from Firefox
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2016 08:55:58 +0000
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I am using Fedora 21 64bit. I think the basic problem to fix first is one where I am unable to view saved passwords created by Icecat itself. I started with a new profile and logged into a forum I use and got Icecat to save the username/password, when I try to view saved passwords the display comes up empty however if I go back to the forum and logout when I login again the correct username and passwords are entered by Icecat. So Icecat IS saving the data the problem I need to fix is where the display is empty. One this is fixed I will try again to copy my Firefox data across.


On 01/01/16 23:39, respiranto wrote:
Sorry, I am too much used to a Reply-To field in other mailing-lists,
that I forgot to set the receiver to this mailing-list.

Could please others confirm, that copying the below noted files (key3.db
and logins.json) does not have the desired effect?

For me, both viewing and using the saved passwords works fine.
Though I think I have to add, that the files on my system have actually
been modified by an installation of IceWeasel, though they originated
from a now abandoned Firefox installation.

This does not really sound like being relevant, however, it is probably
the most notable difference between our setups.
On which OS are you using IceCat?

I use Arch Linux, updated a few days ago.

On 2016-01-01 18:36, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
I just tried with 38.5.0 but am still unable to view any saved passwords.

On 2016-01-01 18:32, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
I am using 38.5.2 and if I try to save a username/password the
logins.json file does get created now although I was certain it was not
earlier. However it is there and if I log out and login to that site it
fills in the password and username, so it is saving them. However I am
unable to see any usernames or passwords when I to to the preferences
and select to view them it is always shown empty and this may be what
was confusing me that no matter what I did I could not view the saved

If I can find 38.5.0 I will try it and see if I can view passwords with
that but I am unable to view any with 38.5.2.

By the way your email is coming direct not via the mailing list which
means others cannot see our conversation.


On 01/01/16 14:39, respiranto wrote:
Which version of IceCat do you use?
I am currently still using version 38.5.0, though I will try with 38.5.2

If I create a entirely new profile, there is a key3.db but not a
logins.json file.
However, if I save a password, it is created, containing an
"encryptedUsername" and an "encryptedPassword".
Does saving any user / password combination actually work for you, i.e.
can you view it later in Preferences->Security->Saved_Passwords?

If so, you could try to grep other files in your profile for the above

On 2015-12-31 18:19, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
I tried that but Icecat does not display any passwords after doing this.
In fact when I created a password/username combination and saved it in
Icecat it did not create a logins.json file so I have no idea where
Icecat stores its information.


On 31/12/15 16:24, respiranto wrote:
On 2015-12-31 13:39, Stuart T Rogers wrote:
I want to try to test Icecat but so far I have been unable to get my
passwords from Firefox to Icecat. Everything I have tried has
failed. I
tried copying the FF profile but that does not do it, I tried the
password exporter add-on but that gives errors. Unless I am able to do
this then Icecat will be useless. Does anyone kn ow of a working



  From Firefox Support[0]:
Passwords: Your passwords are stored in the key3.db and logins.json
files. [...]

For me, creating a new profile, then copying over these files worked.



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