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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] IceCat appearance in dark mode

From: respiranto
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] IceCat appearance in dark mode
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2016 14:49:12 +0100
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On 2016-01-08 02:30, Jon Kristensen wrote:
> Hi!
> I was delighted to see that IceCat is in Fedora 23 - thanks for making that
> happen! :)
> I have a problem, though, that I wanted to ask about.
> I'm using dark mode (as configured in GNOME Tweak Tool) in GNOME 3 (to
> alleviate eye-strain). Firefox, as of Fedora 23, has a dark toolbar when
> using dark mode. However, when I opened IceCat, I immediately noticed that
> the window title bar was bright. I suspect that this depends on IceCat
> being compiled against GTK+, version 2.
> Would it perhaps be possible to update IceCat (on Fedora, or in general) so
> that it looks better for GNOME 3 users using dark mode?
> Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
> Thanks!
> Warm regards,
> Jon
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

The build I use [0], supplied by Parabola, works in the way you'd like
with a dark theme, though I don't use GNOME, but XFCE - with the
xcfe-dusk theme.
For some reason though, Iceweasel [1], also as supplied by Parabola,
does have a white toolbar.

You could find out how Prabola's IceCat is compiled by reading its
PKGBUILD [2] and build it accordingly on your own or simply try the
binary as supplied by GNU first. Though there seem to be some (minor)
problems running the mentioned binary on Fedora, as has been discussed
in this mailinglist some days ago.

[0] https://www.parabola.nu/packages/libre/x86_64/icecat/
[1] https://www.parabola.nu/packages/libre/x86_64/iceweasel/
[2] https://projects.parabola.nu/abslibre.git/tree/libre/icecat/PKGBUILD

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