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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Icecat, default DuckDuckGo engine and search region s

From: apatride
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Icecat, default DuckDuckGo engine and search region settings
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 13:42:34 +0200
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WTF are you talking about ?
Have u read my questions before answering ?
Do you find them unclear ?

I'm asking once again the same question that is asked from the beginning, no one takes even 5 minutes to answer it seriously.

Here it is :
Given what we all know about Google's active implication in PRISM and global surveillance, why is Google still approved by the "privacy-aware" Gnuzilla project.

"Google's presence there is as an approved company by GNUzilla project." Narcis Garcia

That's all the info we got so far and that's no info at all actually, that's just mere paraphrase.

Please someone take 5 minutes of your time to answer. You can do it.


On 28/03/2016 17:43, Narcis Garcia wrote:
Dear anonymous "apatride":
I'm subscribed democraticaly to this mailing list same as you, I'm not
funded by you, and you are'nt funded by me.

Good luck.

El 28/03/16 a les 14:58, apatride ha escrit:
Don't you feel that a version of Icecat without Google "services"
included in its core would be safer for privacy too ?

Are you funded by Google company directly or vicariously Narcis? Is the
GnuZilla project in its whole ? Who is taking decisions in GnuZilla ? Is
there some kind of democratic process involved in it ? Is GnuZilla part
of the Gnu project ?

So many essential questions, so hard to get answers so far...

The html version of DDG is occupying all your thoughts... must be...

On 24/03/2016 20:15, Narcis Garcia wrote:
html version of DDG is safer for privacy; default version puts some
tracking data in your browser such as saved preferences.

I feel that Icecat has no difference in this question from its
programming code; the difference is in default search engines selecion.

El 24/03/16 a les 16:14, Habs ha escrit:
re: Icecat 38.5.0 on Slackware 14.1 32bit

Hi everyone

This is about Icecat and DuckDuckGo search and the respecting of search
region (and I presume some other things not as yet noticed).

If I search from the address bar and/or search bar at the top of
Icecat, then the results returned do not seem to reflect the 'priority'
of the previously saved DDG search region setting. The search bar that
then appears in the results webpage, does not show the region flag.

In Mozilla Firefox, that issue does not exist and the search results do
appear to reflect the preferred search region settings and the search
bar at the top of the results displays the chosen regions flag.

Checking in 'about:config' on Icecat and Firefox, I could not discern
any obvious differences between the two that could be a cause.

What I have noticed is that Icecat, on pressing enter to search in the
address bar or the search bar, returns the results and the address bar
entry resembles: https://duckduckgo.com/html?q=.... - note the 'html'.
FF returns: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=

If I browse to the DDG page: https://duckduckgo.com  and type my search
in that search bar on the webpage (as opposed to the address/sear bar
search) then the results returned (and the appropriate flag) are
respecting the search region preference.

It appears that something is different when using the address and
search bars.

I am unable to affect this with various settings changes I have
[blindly] tried and cannot spot obvious differences between FF (where it
works as expected) and Icecat.

It did 'work' when I downloaded a different DDG search engine which was
DDG Blue - it seemed to me to be just a theme change, but it worked.
Yet again, I could not spot any differences which I could use in the
default engine.

My knowledge is limited, but I am enjoying Icecat as for one reason, it
appears on my machine to be much faster and performant than FF.

I am just looking for ideas to identify where I can affect this
behaviour [to respect the region and possibly other settings] as I tend
to use the address and search bars a lot.

If someone is aware of this or has any ideas, I'd like to hear about

Thank you




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