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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Suggestion: .gnuzilla/icecat/ instead of .mozilla/ice

From: David Hedlund
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Suggestion: .gnuzilla/icecat/ instead of .mozilla/icecat/
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2016 19:10:07 +0200
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Thank you.

On 2016-06-15 19:08, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
Similarly, GNU has decided to put IceCat in a directory called icecat
(instead of firefox). However, this is a half-measure since icecat is in
the parent directory .mozilla.

To summarize, we already have:

~/.thunderbird -> ~/.icedove
~/.mozilla/firefox -> ~/.mozilla/icecat

The proposal is to go all the way and make:

~/.mozilla/icecat -> ~/.gnuzilla/icecat


On 06/15/2016 07:58 PM, David Hedlund wrote:
Tiberiu makes sense; The /Debian/ Free Software /Guidelines/ (DFSG) decided to 
put Icedove in ~/.icedove

On 2016-06-15 18:54, Daniel Quintiliani wrote:

I think it's a better idea to keep all the Mozilla-based products' profiles in 
the same predictable place. Thunderbird, Tor Browser Bundle, etc.

BTW, any new info on the v45 security issues vs the cookie prompt? Were we 
going to backport the security updates to v38, or move forward to v45 like TBB 
has, possibly including one of the add-ons Mozilla recommended?

Personally I can't imagine using a cookie prompt for each site (plus every 
banner ad and invisible GIF?) and always found it better to clean cookies on 
shutdown, and have done so pretty much all my life. I wouldn't mind sacrificing 
such a feature in exchange for fixing security issues now and more easily in 
the future.


-Dan Q

On Wed, 15 Jun 2016 15:07:34 +0300, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic <address@hidden> 


I'm impressed with the new GNU IceCat maintained by Ruben.

However, I would love to see the profiles stored under .gnuzilla/icecat/
instead of the current path .mozilla/icecat/.

Is there a technical reason why this shouldn't be possible? I'm thinking
maybe backward compatibility?

Please let me know.



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