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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Build Spyblock from uBlock Origin

From: Narcis Garcia
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Build Spyblock from uBlock Origin
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2016 08:48:20 +0200

I see "ublock origin" has a built-in rule available for "no-remote-fonts".
Does anybody know how to add a simple rule for "no remote anything"?


El 27/09/16 a les 01:28, mdn ha escrit:
> Icecat is already limited by the number of volunteers, I would like to
> volunteer but my capacities are I think to limited to help on a
> technical level for now (if someone has spare time to teach me I have no
> problem with learning).
> Reusing software that works especially if they are under GPL is I think
> not a problem.
> Users have always the freedom to deactivate them and put something else,
> contrarily to the "eme" and other bad software that mozilla integrated.
> µblock origin is really a good extension I personally use it icecat.
> We could go further with umatrix but people are too much disturbed by it.
> A functionality that would be interesting is when icecat opens for the
> first time, a new window could propose to activate the addons in the
> browser with a small explication of what it does.
> Le 23/09/2016 19:51, Ivan Zaigralin a écrit :
>> Please do not take this as anything but constructive criticism. I fully 
>> understand how limited the 
>> resources are, and I firmly believe that even in the present state icecat & 
>> most of the bundled 
>> features are incredibly useful and effective. I am merely trying to point 
>> out some directions for 
>> future development, once the resources are plentiful :)
>> I believe icecat should do something more drastic than simply switch the 
>> adblocker. Something 
>> needs to change in the way features are added. It was a technical mistake to 
>> put core 
>> functionality into an existing adblocker, just as it is far from ideal to 
>> bundle https everywhere. 
>> This practice robs users of their freedom to choose addons, and it breaks 
>> icecat when it is 
>> repackaged for inclusion into a distribution (maintainers have to choose 
>> between locking users 
>> into a specific addon combination, or stripping addons, with both options 
>> clearly bad).
>> One cromulent way to include functionality is by producing own in-house 
>> addons, like LibreJS, 
>> which minimize the interference with other addons by narrowing their 
>> function and keeping a 
>> separate namespace.
>> Instead of writing features into an adblocker or httpser, these features 
>> need to be decoupled, so 
>> that users are free choose among dozens of functional equivalents, without 
>> sacrificing the extra 
>> privacy provided by gnuzilla code.
>> On Friday, September 23, 2016 09:48:36 Sedov Andrey wrote:
>>> Adblock Plus began to distribute advertising (Acceptable Ads Platform
>>> <https://AcceptableAds.com/Platform>) = Adblock Plus died. uBlock Origin
>>> is the only solution.
>>> 23.09.2016 08:56, David Hedlund пишет:
>>>> I think it is time to build Spyblock from Adblock Plus (ABP) to uBlock
>>>> Origin (uBO).
>>>> Adblock Plus is as usually the most popular add-on on
>>>> addons.mozilla.org but have grow less popular over time, while uBlock
>>>> Origin is currently the 6th most popular add-on on addons.mozilla.org
>>>> and have grow more popular over time. uBlock Origin one of the fastest
>>>> trending add-on I've seen.
>>>> uBO has dozens of features that's missing in ABP. For example uBO can
>>>> block popunders that ABP cannot.
>>>> --
>>>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org
>> --
>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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