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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Build Spyblock from uBlock Origin

From: awakeyet
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Build Spyblock from uBlock Origin
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2016 03:17:13 +0200 (CEST)

"µblock origin is really a good extension I personally use it icecat.
We could go further with umatrix but people are too much disturbed by it."

ublock and umatrix as well as other similarly named addons were (and continue to be) heavily shilled by an unknown group of people that seem to desperately want those addons installed on every single browser everywhere. the fact that they are pushing those so incredibly hard makes me instantly reject them forever. if GNU icecat ever gets ublock or umatrix, I will personally abandon GNU icecat because I will no longer trust it. spyblock is great, does one job, and does it good.

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26. Sep 2016 19:28 by address@hidden:

Icecat is already limited by the number of volunteers, I would like to
volunteer but my capacities are I think to limited to help on a
technical level for now (if someone has spare time to teach me I have no
problem with learning).
Reusing software that works especially if they are under GPL is I think
not a problem.

Users have always the freedom to deactivate them and put something else,
contrarily to the "eme" and other bad software that mozilla integrated.

µblock origin is really a good extension I personally use it icecat.
We could go further with umatrix but people are too much disturbed by it.

A functionality that would be interesting is when icecat opens for the
first time, a new window could propose to activate the addons in the
browser with a small explication of what it does.

Le 23/09/2016 19:51, Ivan Zaigralin a écrit :
Please do not take this as anything but constructive criticism. I fully understand how limited the
resources are, and I firmly believe that even in the present state icecat & most of the bundled
features are incredibly useful and effective. I am merely trying to point out some directions for
future development, once the resources are plentiful :)

I believe icecat should do something more drastic than simply switch the adblocker. Something
needs to change in the way features are added. It was a technical mistake to put core
functionality into an existing adblocker, just as it is far from ideal to bundle https everywhere.
This practice robs users of their freedom to choose addons, and it breaks icecat when it is
repackaged for inclusion into a distribution (maintainers have to choose between locking users
into a specific addon combination, or stripping addons, with both options clearly bad).

One cromulent way to include functionality is by producing own in-house addons, like LibreJS,
which minimize the interference with other addons by narrowing their function and keeping a
separate namespace.

Instead of writing features into an adblocker or httpser, these features need to be decoupled, so
that users are free choose among dozens of functional equivalents, without sacrificing the extra
privacy provided by gnuzilla code.

On Friday, September 23, 2016 09:48:36 Sedov Andrey wrote:
Adblock Plus began to distribute advertising (Acceptable Ads Platform
<https://AcceptableAds.com/Platform>) = Adblock Plus died. uBlock Origin
is the only solution.

23.09.2016 08:56, David Hedlund пишет:
I think it is time to build Spyblock from Adblock Plus (ABP) to uBlock
Origin (uBO).

Adblock Plus is as usually the most popular add-on on
addons.mozilla.org but have grow less popular over time, while uBlock
Origin is currently the 6th most popular add-on on addons.mozilla.org
and have grow more popular over time. uBlock Origin one of the fastest
trending add-on I've seen.

uBO has dozens of features that's missing in ABP. For example uBO can
block popunders that ABP cannot.



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