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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Intl global object undefined

From: henry
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Intl global object undefined
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2016 14:21:21 -0000


I can see now in about:buildconfig the --without-intl-api flag.

sorry about that,

> Have the file a free software license notice?
> On 2016-11-20 07:57, address@hidden wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I was wondering, why there isn't available Intl global javascript object
>> in pre-built package icecat-38.8.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2?
>> Both latest chrome and firefox have access to it via javascript console.
>> I've downloaded source icecat-38.8.0.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2, which
>> contains 'icecat-38.8.0/intl/' directory so one would assume that Intl
>> object would be available.
>> I've also checked configuration in about:config related to: dom*enabled
>> flags, but I haven't found anything that could be relevant.
>> Can you point me in some direction?
>> Thank you
>> --
>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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