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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] 1.: Cannot downgrade to IceCatMobile 38.8.0 with F-Dr

From: Mart Rootamm
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] 1.: Cannot downgrade to IceCatMobile 38.8.0 with F-Droid / 2.: Bookmark 'star' in the menu is gone
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2017 09:20:17 +0200

While I thought it possible to get 38.8.0 as a separate APK from the
F-Droid website, then alas. Currently, the earliest is 45.5.1:

Somehow, 38.7.1 and 38.8.0 are still listed, but I don't know if
they're still downloadable via F-Droid, because I don't want to risk
uninstalling the app or messing with app data.

The F-Droid app has a setting to peruse the F-Droid archive. You can try that.

Here's also a list of alternative repositories compatible with F-Droid:
The table also shows which of the repositories are trusted / unknown.

Make sure _not_ to uninstall, but to over-install the older version.
Because if you uninstall 45.6.0 first, then you will forever lose all
your user data for that app.

The "Copy profile" Firefox extension allows copying profile data to an
SD card, but doesn't help in migrating profiles. One comment for that
extension suggested using a general Android backup app.

A note just in case: do make sure, that the build you're downloading,
matches the CPU architecture of your device.

btw, did you come across problems only with 45.6.0, or with earlier
45.x versions on Android?

Which browser extensions do you use in IceCat? What kind of a device
you have, and what version of Android does it run?


2017-01-15 23:10 GMT+02:00, Philipp Schaefermeier <address@hidden>:
> Dear Gnuzilla mailing list,
> I'm having some troubles with IceCatMobile 45.6.0 on Android 4. Crashes
> too often.
> I wanted to go back to a pre-40 version, but this is no longer possible
> with F-Droid.
> It gives an error message "unexpected end of stream".
> Another thing is the loss of the star-shaped button for bookmarks in the
> ...-menu right to the tabs no.
> Since version 40 it is lost. Tapping the empty space still removes/adds
> bookmarks but the icon is not visible anymore.
> I reported this to Firefox and Orfox, with no reaction, as this seems to
> happen on all FF>40. It's lost in IceCatMobile >40 too, so I report it
> here, too.
> Best regards
> Philipp
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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