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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] LibreJS: even when whitelisted, tv.nrk.no does not pl

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] LibreJS: even when whitelisted, tv.nrk.no does not play
Date: Sun, 28 Jan 2018 16:00:18 +0100


Thank you for your response.  I think I can roughly interpret it as
that it would be best to wait until the FFv57+ equivalent of IceCat has
arrived to GuixSD and/or Parabola before using LibreJS again on those

Je 28 jan 07:20 skribis bill-auger:
> this is probably not related to icecat but a bug in librejs itself -
> unless you can show that the same behavior is not present using a
> different browser such as firefox or iceweasel, then this is actually an
> issue for the librejs mailing list -

On my Debian 9.3 (stretch) laptop with Firefox 52.6.0 with LibreJS
6.0.13, videos on https://tv.nrk.no/ do play when I add tv.nrk.no to
the whitelist.

The same version of LibreJS with IceCat 52.3.0 (on both GuixSD and
Parabola) does not work when tv.nrk.no is added to the exception list.
However, I now found out that it does when I add *.nrk.no to that list.

In short, there appears to be difference between the system with
Firefox and the systems with IceCat, but it may be too minor or unclear
to report on this at another place.

> although there is little point in
> reporting it now as the version of librejs in the current version of
> icecat has been obsoleted by mozilla starting with v57; so that librejs
> development is now entirely focussed on the new FFv57+ compatible
> version - what this means unfortunately for now is that it is highly
> doubtful that the version of librejs in icecat will ever be upgraded or
> have any bugs fixed - so whatever problems you have today with librejs
> will remain until the next release of icecat; which should be compatible
> with the new version of librejs

On my Ubuntu 16.04 laptop I run Firefox 58.0.  There I could not
install LibreJS 6.0.13.  On the Mozilla Add-ons site there is a newer
version of LibreJS 7.11 available.  It is where the GNU website links
to, so it should be an official version, but this is puzzling [1]:

> The LibreJS source files can be found via HTTPS:
> librejs-6.0.13.tar.gz (462K). Or FTP: ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/librejs/.
> It can also be found on the GNU mirrors. This link will automatically
> select a mirror for you. LibreJS is also available at the Mozilla
> Add-ons site. Due to Mozilla's review process, the version of LibreJS
> available at the Add-ons site is often outdated. This isn't in our
> control.

[1]: https://www.gnu.org/software/librejs/

It appears that it is outdated on the official website, or at least
that GNU only offers the pre-FFv57 version of LibreJS.

With LibreJS 7.11 the issue was more or less the same as for LibreJS
6.0.13 (on other systems): the video did not play (whereas it does
when the extension is disabled).  But now, after removing and
installing the extension again from Mozilla, it does work, even without
adding domains to the whitelist.  Furthermore, the LibreJS button is
an empty icon; I found it by hovering over an apparently empty space at
the top-right of the window (next to Adblock Plus and so on).  When I
click on it, nothing happens.  All seems fine and thus according to
LibreJS 7.11 on this Ubuntu system at this point in time does not use
any non-free JavaScript.

I realise that all this information can be confusion.  I was not sure
what was important to mention, so I decided to report all my findings


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