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Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Emoji in IceCat

From: Mart Rootamm
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnuzilla] Emoji in IceCat
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 20:51:04 +0300

There are additional font size settings in about:config, if you search
there just with 'font'.

The about:config solution is one, though in some operating systems,
browsers typically default to the closest possible match, if they rely
on the OS to match missing characters, thus precluding the trip to

wrt font size, can you send a screenshot of what the Noto emoji look
like for you with text?
For example, both in a plain Wikipedia article, and in a textarea
(editing an article).

wrt to replies, then I originally sent a reply both to bug-gnuzilla,
and a carbon copy to you. On assumption, that you've subscribed
anyway, then I won't :cc you.


2018-04-20 0:52 GMT +03:00, Felix Fröhlich <address@hidden>:
> Hash: SHA512
> Whoops. Apparently that email didn't include the previous reply I sent
> to Mart. Here you go:
>     Hi Mart,
>     Great! Thanks for the advice.
>     I added the Noto Color Emoji font to the following about:config
>     settings:
>      * font.name.monospace.x-unicode
>      * font.name.sans-serif.x-unicode
>      * font.name.serif.x-unicode
>     Now the Emoji actually do show up. They're way too big, though ^^
>     I'll play around with the font settings and see if I can manage
>     this; Maybe I'll have to use a different font.
> - --
> Felix Fröhlich
> GnuPG: AC26CC3F517BA1794743512E32E7A8DAB442426F
> On Thu, 2018-04-19 at 23:33 +0200, Felix Fröhlich wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> So, erm, that was... not optimal. I wrote the mail to Mart and bug-
>> gnuz
>> address@hidden because for some reason I believed that was the
>> correct email address... Please don't ask me why.
>> Anyhow, with Mart's help I figured out how to display the emoji (see
>> below).
>> I also found out that -- for some reason I don't know -- the Noto
>> Color
>> Emoji font on my system appears to be corrupted, as the font shows up
>> as what looks like a rounded square in gnome-font-viewer (see
>> attachment). Not sure what causes this, but I fell back to the
>> uncoloured version of that font, namely Noto Emoji. It's no big deal,
>> really.
>> Now all emoji that I wanted to display show up just fine.
>> Thanks again for your help, Mart!
>> --
>> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org
> Qm8zvw/9Hstj1r/u5kb7+8R+PTr32FjujwvDzZg1J5Nb598evLHhDUZ8KeQdW3aD
> TTbi31ICOOnrHCzG0/5tKW3sbY0J8tKFV7oEuj+gWdAmTCRSaLKQxBho7iHSIsaL
> vdhQZt8wtMwN9XGeOaGZm5Ifq6Ykz9rTS24IWfzb5mZ5/9ojXsDy7x2C92g/evQW
> YOR+Qp2xukY9sjVDYqjrHP4visJIDR8wyXsezNKUA1wbsUnOmHb7oygtMMV0iEMZ
> A87SP/kah3Nscue7f/c/3J1E61XoB0rPwsI7vp3ZrKjz6nC/nBqI4D3l3t06So38
> pC2cQKvOZ5jEykvnSiGQdSVGLZfAjL8k/6kXuLyLDeY6ppQqZ4GGKAeopqNgH+SP
> ZF2rc5U+r02QH83o597fVMOIS+o0yftH8O9e9FCIBD4ttxBEjPjyNqr/KlPw7378
> Oit3sWi46dWC8bv95gvidROCPvEuTcXWBuVlVO89BsQRj7uuIt8cmcxJkr7SmjLY
> tlIetL03muTkMZ1+uBHeIgl35t5hp+NsZgcK4aAvn82RmRAXPQzDQZSff4NmUdX0
> qLuET207xRUZh8l3ZOnhyZiwGN6b97DSYbpUPRw0Pr6vs9gsLyjJwPetEJiaTp+/
> jrJ3l+yDy9/+kwAn0Jsn4h8ksGUdcn2JYCFFt350d8VNVjowQj0=
> =1nZe
> --
> http://gnuzilla.gnu.org

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